Its christmas eve and Roscoe, a freelance hit man, is about to do his 1st job.  It goes wrong and his target shoots him with an antique ww1 sevice revolver, after a struggle he escapes with the gun that shot him. His target alive.





It's christmas eve and after a hit goes wrong, aged hitman Philip Roscoe gets shot by his target, mafia accountant, Herman short, and just about escape with his life and the revolver that shot him.  

whilst recoveing in a safe house he realises that the gun he has stolen is haunted buy all the lives it has taken and the bullet lodged in his chest, too close to his heart to remove, links him to all these shadows. 

In the lead up to christmas, persued by the mafia boss he was hired to take out  and visited by the ghosts of his revolver, he has to strugle  with his concionse and work though his own sorded life choces to survive the night.

Roscoe's shadow is dark take on a dickenses ' A christmas carol' with a morality tale of reconsiation and that other word I can not remember. retrebution bution at its heart.


fast paced. hit the ground running. blow by blow or start at the doctors. in the city - the mafia boss put a price on his head. he goes to shot some one with the revolver and a child apears in front of that per son, get out of the way, the thug looks shocked, who me? 


write the story per day.  or its the christmas eve part he shot and is loosing blood, slowly dieing.

happens over one day. hit at one in the morning doctors at 8 am.  







christmas eve



a take on scrooged


write a short story about this for christmas.