An old man and his dog take their routine walk  to the isolated clifftops of  deepest Cornwall...but this time they're not alone.

about on sunday

On Sunday is the new award winning live action short  from award winning Writer/Director David Lea - he did most of this one himself  (with a little help along the way) which is why its taken so long to finish. The film is currently being submitted to Film Festivals.


During the summer of 84  David's Dad hand built  him a cabin bed for his bedroom . This was no ordinary bed: underneath, made from wood, flashing lights and copper piping he'd constructed the cockpit of a space ship. David was 6 years old and  via fuzzy VHS's already indoctrinated into the ways of the force, Last Starfighters and Xenomorphs (his Dad censored the scary bits by recording Sunday cricket over them) - The finished cabin bed was a fledgling geek's dream come true.

31 years later David decided to repay the favour and this short film is his way of saying 'thank you'. 

It started as a small 2 month project which grew into a 5 year obsession. Starring David's Dad himself, a cowardly dog and the rugged cliffs of south west Cornwall - This is 'On Sunday'.