Soooo that's it then - On Sunday is finally finished. Thanks to all of you that helped out along the way. I'll be releasing it via a website later this month. Cheers D


After 3 long years spent learning 5 new VFX programs. Countless weekends 'n' evenings spent digitally sculpting and modelling, animating and painting. Innumerable hours spent compositing, rendering and re-rendering and re rendering and re-rendering. The VFX shots for my short film are now complete, in the bag, finalised, done and dusted, completely ended, flipping well finished.

Its been a long  old road and I still have sound and grading to get though, but the VFX grind is over, and that, my good friends,  deserves a celebratory cup of tea and Jaffa cake.

Wajih Sheikh's re-score of 'Storage' music

For an ‘Electronic Music Composition’  Master’s Degree assignment  - Composer Wajih Sheikh asked if he could use my short 'Storage' to  write an alternative score for it's end scene. Below is the result. Sounding great Mr. Sheikh.

You can find his website here or listen to more of Wajih's good stuff on his Soundcloud page here.


Art director, graphic designer, and all round nice chap Giles Dill has just finished creating this eloquent poster for my upcoming short ‘On Sunday’.  Thanks for the hard work Gman.



(click to enlarge)


'Black Mirror' composer Jon Opstad to Score 'On Sunday'


Very excited to welcome Jon Opstad to the fray (Insert fanfare here). Jon is an established composer who has written music for BBC's Black Mirror, Whitechappel, Our world war, Silent witness (of which he has been nominated for Best Television Programme Score at the 2014 Music & Sound Awards) amongst many others. He has also just scored music for Hubert Essakow's contemporary dance project IGNIS and is Currently working on the new series of Black Mirror.

I suggest you take your self to his website and listen with your own ears:

I just need to get the rest of the film finished!


Water water every where...

A bit of a breakthrough this week - After 2 years of trying to persuade, cajole and threaten particle FX wiz kids to help  simulate water for 12 shots on the new short film... and failing miserably.  Also after trying to learn to do it myself... and failing miserably. A chap I work with with, Anthony Martin, has cracked it. His genius smarts have managed to create a sublimely easy-ish way to generate water in XSI. It's so fool proof even I can do it, so that's this weekend sorted then. I'll see if I can get Mungstene (A spider thats now resident and mascott of my computer desk) to do it - he has 8 legs so should be able to operate 8 computers...just have to find the little blighter, where do spiders hang out?...I'll go check under the TV.

Particle test for a shot in the new short.

Particle test for a shot in the new short.

Light at the end of the tunnel.....

After 4 years of hard work I'm finally getting near the end of completing my current short film effort 'On Sunday'.

Over this time I've had to learn 5 Programs from scratch, edited, designed, painted, collaborated, recorded Foley, filmed the sea, clouds, pouring salt...

As with running a marathon  (which I've not done), it's the last 3 miles that are the hardest (this is not known from experience) - So I'm at the stage where I am really very ready to finish now please as my brain is getting cramp...but I still have a little way to go so feel free to cheer me on.

Better get on with it then... so that'll be me getting on with it....right now, as in ready, steady start...perhaps I should have a cup of tea first....then there's the hoovering to do...

wow look at that - a spider on my computer Mouse.

Think I'll call him Mungstene.